If you create an attractive website, a blog, a Face Book page, a resume, in the form of a 
Landing Page, without the ability to invite millions of email recipients to visit your site – 
you’re just barking at the moon. 
For only one tenth of a penny, we will send a one page text message from you, to one of 
our opt-in email recipients, in accordance with the Can Spam Act of 2004 an invitation 
to view the contents of your Landing Page, for a fraction of the cost, in comparison to any 
other media. We have the capability and technology to GURANTEE the deliverability and 
response rate you can expect from us exposing your agenda. Our US. database is updated 
daily, each address is pinged to verify the existence of an active ISP account prior to sending 
each message. NO bounced messages, Our clusters of cloud servers have the capacity to 
send an unlimited number of messages daily , that bypass filters 
We have a daily circulation capacity that exceeds that of the Wall Street Journal, 
the USA Today and the New York Times – combined at a fraction of their costs.. 

That’s only $1,000.00 US$ to send 1,000,000 messages, in increment thereof directly 
into the inbox of the most affluent recipients in our US. consumer or business database. 

Send us your Landing Page, with your offer they can’t refuse. We’ll send your message 
within ten (10) days. This offer is made at our discretions. Thanks. 


Wilmington, Delaware 

Order today- save $496,000.00 – USPS. Postage Stamp Charge 

As an example see our page, www.bdvenus.net If your page gets more hits than ours 
we’ll refund your $1,000.00 The fee you paid us to expose your page 
We Get Attention

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